Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16


Very small description

Open source - Pixel art - 2D Platformer - video game - made using Processing !


Project 16x16 is game that everyone can develop, the goal is to have a finished game with a story and cool levels, made by the community! I started the project on my own, and here are the things I made :

  • Physics
  • Player
  • Level Editor
    • Item inventory
    • translation arrows
    • Level bounding box
    • Save/Load (JSON)
  • Playable
  • (Part) of projectiles and mirror bloc functionnality
  • (Part) of particle system

So the ‘framework’ of the game is quite advanced, but here are exemple of things that could be added:

  • Entities
  • Projectiles
  • Zooming
  • Multiple layers in editor for : background, middle and front objects
  • Object ‘connection’, for exemple when projectile touches glass thing, open platforms
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Level design
  • Main menu, game UI, pause Menu…

Screenshot of project at its current state


Join the project

The project is on GitHub here : https://github.com/Stephcraft/Project-16x16


IDE means Integrated Development Environment, an IDE is an application that contains a code editor, a compiler and a console. You probably use the Processing IDE, but there are also other IDE that can be used to code with processing, like Eclipse. So why use Eclipse? because Eclipse lets you organize better your code files, in processing all .pde files must be in the same folder, but in Eclipse, files can be organized in subfolders. But there are also other advantages.

Here is a link to help you use the Eclipse IDE with processing

Here is a link to help you setup Project 16x16 in Eclipse