2D rigid body physics in Processing (WIP)


I’m building a 2D physics system in Processing and I’m looking for people who’d care to join. I think it could be used to make cool generative stuff, interactive stuff, etc. I can code anything but my math is crummy. I’d love to know who would use this and how, pull requests, issue tickets… you name it. GitHub - MarginallyClever/processingPhysics: Physics in Processing

I’m also very interested in how to design a beautiful API that makes it easy to use. Please share your thoughts!

You do know there is already several libraries that do this. Box2d comes to mind. However i wouldn’t mind helping out i have a 2d shape class already ready to go it already has a lot of shapes and funtions.

I did not know. I have no desire to repeat work if I can avoid it. :slight_smile: Shame on me for not googling better. I looked for “physics engine java” and didn’t get anything I could work with.

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I showed you mine, let’s see yours and figure out a way to work together :slight_smile:

to begin with Dan has a great playlist for box 2d

this is my old project sketch file its a large project with many other classes.

please note it was back in the day and I havent opened it in a while.

you’ll want to use visual studio code to run the sketch as there are too many files and it often crashes processing, again I was very new at coding, Ive since moved on to using eclipse.

Also please note there is a slight problem with the complex polygon button. You have to select another item ie line drawing and then select complex polygon.

However I’m Probably going to be replacing a lot of the functions with my new complex shape class

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