Looking for people interested in discussing refactoring for our open source game made with Processing

The project is called Project 16x16, it is a 2D platformer game happening in a dystopian futuristic industrial universe. (Further reading for the lore)

An important goal of the project is to show what can be achieved with processing. We are going the extra mile to create an amazing video game and make people go WOW.

Right now, the code is spaghetti at a lot of places because a proper code structure wasn’t discussed nor established.

So I am looking for people interested in a meeting with me to talk about how we could improve the current state of our code.

Here is Project 16x16’s GitHub repository

Looking forward to meeting you.



im not willing to meet anywhere in person but I’d be happy to edit and learn with you through email or text. my email is phoenixstormjr@gmail.com. I use text now so my number changes constantly.
I’m making a game myself but it’s for Android
called megaman zx the rise. I usually don’t post on this forum because the game is so complex. but I’d be happy to talk through email. or text through text now. my text now number is
210-729-4437. dont call only text or else ill have to change my number. this is my backup number not my real one. anyway hope to hear soon! :sunglasses:

Awesome! No need to meet at a physical place. By meeting, I meant a discord voice call, sorry for the confusion. You can find the discord invite link on the repository’s home page. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I went to the website and I saw alot of html. is this using processing for websites or processing for applications?

haha no the .html files are documentation generated with JavaDoc. Its really made with Processing (java edition). The game’s source code is located in the src folder. You can check README.md to setup the project :wink:

We are interested to use these libraries for the refactoring:

If someone already has experience with those and would like to share the knowledge with us, would be much appreciated :smiley:

So this game is made with eclipse? I am not very experienced with eclipse because I usually do not have access to my home computer. I use processing because there is a mobile version and I always have access to my cell phone. I was thinking I could make a mobile version and then program but if its with eclipse which uses a language I have not seen before and since its for computers I don’t think I will be able to help. I downloaded the files and searched for the .pde file and I was not able to find it. I am sorry I was not able to help but I thought it was made with processing because you said “show what can be achieved with processing”.