Integument, a living illustration made with Processing

An interactive sci-fi illustration of a microscope interface. In this “living illustration,” you’ll find patterns and shapes that reveal information about the unique lifeforms that live on the surface of your skin, also known as, integument.

This will be available on Steam on January 1st or 2nd depending on what region you live in. It’s free with paid DLC.

I’d like to give big props to Daniel Shiffman and Peter Lager (aka Quark) for your tools and examples. I’m a traditional illustrator that also makes digital art and Processing has allowed me to merge art and code. As a matter of fact - for a fact, code is art! YES IT IS. Don’t believe me? Well just check it out and you [EPIC MOVIE ANNOUNCER VOICE] will believe. Yeah, wishlist that $^%&**&!