Hired work for - 10K programmatically generated images

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Hi Everyone, I’m not an IT guys so I hope what I’m trying to explain makes sense.

I’m looking to generate 10K images from 170 assets to create unique but similar images.

If someone can help with this I’m happy to pay. I heard processingis the best place to make these images.


You can certainly do that that with Processing!


Thank you Glv,

Is this something I could hire you to do?

Processing is just a hobby, distraction and creative outlet for me and much too busy these days.

I am sure you will find someone.


Do you have further specs for the project, ie deployment scope, which hardware are you targetting. does the application make use of a server or database, and do you require threading, do you need a gui, if so do you have a look in mind, or are you happy to leave that up to us, and does it need to use opengl for graphics, answering these may help in getting responses as a project can require a lot of time depending on the specifics and the coding level of who you ask.

At first glance i would be happy to say yes, but i would need those questions answered as some of those things i cannot do yet.


at first I thought you pay 10k for the gig :sweat_smile: if so I’m in :laughing:

joking aside, I feel generating 10k images from 170 images sounds quite challenging as most of the images will look too similar to each other in the end, especially if you are imagining something along GAN… I guess some kind of “moodboard” will help giving ideas to potential collaborators. And you should specify how people can contact you (direct message, replying on the thread, email, etc)

good luck!

Hi Paul, to be honest with you, I didnt’ understand a lot of that lol.
My goal is to provide 10K images like this but with a different character.

Hi Micuat,

Thank you for the feedback yes I’m happy to be DM’d I’m trying to replicate this project but with a different animal Bored Ape Yacht Club Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

Also thought it was a 10k gig :innocent:

It sounds like a really cool project!
Have you already produced the different assets? The main difficulties is to create those assets in such a way that you can combine them with every other asset.

From your example, you would need to have a blank face and then different sets of:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Body
  • Hats

Also, a good way to add even more variety without creating more asset would be to randomize the colors of the assets.

Merging them together should not be complicated.

Also getting to 10K pictures seems doable as you would only need 7 of each assets if you have those 5 categories above (and even less if you play with color).

Hey Micuat,

Thanks for getting back to me,

This feedback has been great.

I can send you over about 10 of the 170 assets that we have? We should have all 170 in two weeks. The reason we need to have so many assets is to build in rarity to the images.


Ok so i guess what im trying to establish is what devices will this be running on, browser, android, pc, mac.

Is this something that will require a user to log in to verify their details, or to make use of files which you hold on a server.

and will this app be for used by many people or are you likely to be the sole user.

Threading will refer to performance as a multy threaded app should provide better performance than a single thread, providing its something the code can make use of. Others are suggesting this will require something similar to a gan so perhaps a library can be used instead of completely proprietary code, and may sikplify the project somewhat.

And the gui would refer to the user interface. Do you want buttons menus etc or is this something that ought to run on click and automatically take a set of images from a folder and simply output another set of images to another folder.

I get some details may not necessarily be shareable on a public platform.

Of course the more assets, the more unique each picture would be!

I would wait for creating all the assets though.
My advice would be to start small with few assets to develop the code, make sure it is working, and list constraints needed for each kind of assets (the size and position of the assets is really important as you need a point of reference to be able to position them).

If you start making your 170 assets now without having any idea of how they will be put together, you might have to redo them all later on…

Once the code is working, it is up to you to create as many assets as you want.

The strange thing is that you did not write anything about yourself, nor about details about you or how to communicate with you

But do not forget that you are in a forum dealing with logic and flowcharts

You are in the right place
You’re welcome anytime

that’s really spot on and also what will happen to the images wasn’t unclear at first - I guess they will sell the images as NTFs which should have been mentioned at first. I don’t care about others’ business but I hope no “innocent” artists will be involved and exploited with a small artist fee…

When you see the price at which those monkeys are being sold, no wonder other people tries to do the same :upside_down_face:

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Correct, that’s why we’re only starting with 10 unique assets.

MasterBuZ@NFTMEDIABOX.com I’m a producer and creator.

90% of our earning will go towards making a movie, 2.5% to the platform, 2.5% to our brokers, 2.5 to my company, 1.5% to our investor to the and 1% to the artist along with $20K. I’d like to think we’re being fair.

Priecely, except instead of lining our pockets we’re trying to create more art. If anyone can Help that would be amazing.