OpenAI's ChatGPT is writing Processing sketches

Hi everyone,

I just tried the new ChatGPT Chatbot from OpenAI and it’s just mind blowing! :exploding_head:

Here are some examples with Processing!

Here is a more complex assignment with squares at random position / color and size:

And even asking about p5js and a dithering effect!

As you can see this is far from perfect, some examples doesn’t work out of the box or the AI misunderstand some concepts or the logic (the random squares rectangle only set the random color in the setup() function, a common beginner mistake! :wink: )

And asking for full examples or harder algorithms doesn’t work well (and it’s fair since having that deeper knowledge is difficult)

This is still amazingly good and maybe in the future people will use that to do their Processing homework ahah? :sweat_smile:

I like the fact that the AI was probably inspired by forum posts on Processing because it even adds the “I hope it helps!” sentence at the end and suggest to look at the reference and documentation. Sweet! :heart: :heart:

What do you all think about that?


Just for fun, here is the AI trying to solve a real forum issue:

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We’re not ready to be replaced quite yet but this is very impressive!

Now try asking a stereotypical pirate to help you with your Processing sketch :laughing: