How to use web crawling after you enter something to a online site?

For instance, if I try to use a matrix calculator site ( from my code, I have to enter my matrices into a site, and then use web crawling to get the answer.
Like this example, I need to get the results of the site after I enter some information. Can someone tell me how to do this?


I never tested this, but a quick search on internet gives me this open source Java library for web crawling :

There is a lot of python package that can help you with that as well :slight_smile:

Uhh, like what? Can you please explain more accurately? I am almost new to processing, and also new to web crawling… Please help ;-;

Not sure what you want to create or how this issue is related to processing.
If you need to get some matrix calculations, why not import a math module to do it for you? web crawling is much slower and unreliable anyways.

again i’m the python guy so I would suggest the sympy package.

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the matrix one was just a example. What I genuinely wanted to do was to use web-crawling after you entered something to a website.
Also, I want to use this at processing, so I thought this was related to it.