Development of Matrix Operations library

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been using processing for almost 2 years, it’s one for first place where I started coding. Now I want to contribute to processing in some way.
The idea is since a lot of peoples are trying to make beautiful projects with AI and neural net, I want to develop a Library for basic matrix operations(inverse, transpose, multiply) to simplify their work.
Very much like numpy in python
but question is Is there already a library in processing to do the exact same thing? or Is this a good idea?
I’ve searched on it and found there are some library to do the somewhat same thing(PVector but not exactly)
Library in further version will move from numpy toward tensorflow, please guide me through
thank you
pardon if I violated any community guideline… it’s my first time asking


hi @pallav12 ,
yes, you might need to check out existing processing libraries
or even JAVA tools ( ok some might be only available from processing 4 ( JAVA 11 ) )

but what i want to mention is a different kind of conflict ( sorry getting tricky )
i did not play with it too much, but got the impression that
processing p5.js
now is regarding matrix possibly little bit ahead of
processing java

in the times of " corporate design " for the foundation it was like:
the first one wins and set the rules ( like syntax style function names …)

so i think you need to get into the new tools from p5.js too
( where / when can see 1.0? )
prior to start with a processing java matrix library

( but i not want to hold you back… )
and thanks for your

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Thanks, @kll for your quick response… that was really helpful

@pallav12 – really exciting that you want to contribute! Looking forward to whatever you do.


A common Java matrix package that has been used in the past is JAMA: h ttps://

Previous discussion of use in Processing:


There is also a Processing 2 statistics library called Papaya with matrix features:

currently hosted by @kfrajer

Here is a a previous discussion of using Papaya in Processing 3 projects.

You could build on one of these / update them / create a wrapper for them … or make something new!


followup here:


thanks @kll @jeremydouglass for making this so easy for me

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