Inverse matrix and linear equation

Hello there,

is there any way to make inverse matrix to solve linear equation, or any other way of doing it?

Im new to programing and processing itself, but i would like to make a program to building statics, which involve a lot equation solving which might be an issue without the matrixes.

Thanks in advance

I just found this on internet :

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Unfortunately 3 out of 4 web pages are closed (at less for the download link) but i will definetly check out the EJML

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It’s strange because all the pages are working for me.
Have a great day :wink:

They are, but the download link isnt working for me.

@Feltopi – if you want to do Processing sketches with matrices, I suggest using R mode for processing.

Matrix data structures and operations of all kinds are native to R Project, and if you are already familiar with R or familiar with any similar math package (S language, MATLAB etc) then it should be easy to pick up.

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