About processing with HTML Parsing

I knew this page, http://www.aharef.info/2006/05/websites_as_graphs.htm, (original page where the animation were) some years ago (a snapshot is available here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150508185058/http://www.aharef.info:80/2006/05/websites_as_graphs.htm), and I loved it. I would like to know if it will be possible to access of the processing source code of it to run in a Java Virtual Machine. By chance, do anyone meet Sala (author of the page)?. I would like to put in touch with him.
Sorry for my low level of english.

Thank you very much.

No specific contact information or source, but if you are looking to do graphs of that kind in Java you might try:

I have used GraphStream recently for Processing data graphing projects, and it worked well.

Of course, the web crawling and parsing is a separate piece – and websites source code can very different today than it did in 2006. Honestly, if I was doing that today I might use Processing.py (which runs on JVM and can access GraphStream) and BeautifulSoup for the html parsing. But there are many, many options out there for web crawling, for html parsing, and for graph visualizing.

Thank you Jeremy. I will try it.