Using Qscript in java

I am trying to use Qscript in my page, but cant find a tutorial saying how to use it? I’m thinking it does the math stuff I’m looking for in my Neural Network, but when I look for tutorials for java QScript I only getting javascript.

Can you post a link to this library?

here the site that talks about it
Can Qscript even do matrix math? I dont understand it.
this is what popped up when I imported it.

import org.qscript.*;
import org.qscript.editor.*;
import org.qscript.errors.*;
import org.qscript.eventsonfire.*;
import org.qscript.operator.*;

There is a list of tutorials in the upper-right corner of the link you posted. The first link takes you here:

That contains Processing code samples that use the library.

Thanks. I didnt see those. I still cant figure out if QScript can do matrix math. I see it talking about regular math.

You’ll discover that a lot of programming is reading instead of typing. :cat:

I read the tutorial and didn’t see anything about matrix math. So can it do it or not?

Woah, you read all of the tutorials in 4 minutes? You must read faster than me!

I honestly don’t know, but I also encourage you to do some more research. Googling “java matrix multiplication library” returns a ton of results. If I were you I’d try a few of those. Put together a simple hello world program and see which one you like best.

Good luck!

I googled that and downloaded the matrix library and couldnt find it in import libraby even after I dropped the file into it.
I got a ejml-v0.34-libs zip folder that i unzipped.

Cool, sounds like you’re making progress. Let us know what you figure out.

I’m not making progress that why I made this to get help. I found the matrix library a while ago but never figured out how to work it. I dropped it into libaries in the processing folder.

That’s a good first step. If I were you I would then try to put together a simple hello world program that tested the basic functionality of the library. Most popular libraries will have documentation and code samples. That’s where I’d start.

I cant try the matrix library out if I cant import it. It not showing up in the import menu.

Right, like I mentioned in our private chat, you’re going to have to follow this guide to add the library:

Alternatively, you can drag the .jar file onto the Processing editor to have it automatically added to your sketch.

Like I asked in there do I take them out of the lib folder they in or not? I seen those links that tell how to do this and they not working. The matrix library is EJML the import aint working when I place the file name next to import.

I’ll just switch to a python matrix library and get it to work.