How to use Google calendar API with Processing desktop (Mac)

Hay all!

I’m quite rusty with programming, processing and Java, hope somebody could help here:

I’m trying to use google calendar’s API, but it’s using something called “gradle” to build and everything’s quite confusing.

I’ve traced the steps here successfully:

But I’m not sure how to use that with my Processing project.

Hope somebody would be able to help here

May the gods smile upon you ❤️

Hi @dehyde,

You are right, Gradle may seems confusing at first. It’s basically a build system for Java applications (like CMake is for C/C++).

You might want to look at this template found in this thread:


Thanks Joseph!
Does it mean it’s a complier?

Thank you for the link I’ll try it out asap! :pray:

No, Gradle uses a Java compiler which outputs .class files containing Java bytecode meant to be run by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

This might seem complicated at first but basically your Java code source files are transformed by the compiler into instructions that can be read by another program called the JVM. This program can then run your code in an optimized way and on any platform that can read those .class files (desktop, mobile, browser…).

For a basic Java project setup, you can take a look at this (and for your own curiosity):