How to connect Google Spreadsheets to a sketch

Hi there !
I’m new to the new processing forum so if I’m doing something wrong, please tell me !

I’m trying to connect a google spreadsheet to my processing sketch. I have tried using the Temboo library but it seems that google doesn’t trust this third party app anymore.
I’ve been looking on the Google Java Quickstart for Sheets API (Java Quickstart for Sheets API) but it is out of the things I do ordinary. If I’ve understood correctly, on classics java editors, they use something called gradle to implement a kind of library (here and then it’s just java code inside the sketch. Thing is, after researching, gradle is not implemented in Processing.
Again I’ve researched and it seems that someone did work on implementing Gradle to processing processing-library-template-gradle but i couldn’t make it work.

So does any of you have done this kind of things ? Should I consider working on someting other than Processing for this kind of projects ?

Thanks you !

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