Android Gradle plugin Upgrade

The following suggestion is made when I compile in Android mode with Processing 4.2. How would I upgrade the plugin?

I have the same question. Processing 4 and Processing 3 for Android can no longer complete a build. This has been going on for a while. I was glad that Processing 4 for android was working finally, but a few weeks back it stopped working. I switched back to Processing 3 for android and that was working until a few days ago. I do have AS installed and had no luck after doing updates. AS has a new update for Gradle to 8.0. Processing does not use the AS Gradle and will install it’s own version. I haven’t found where Processing installs Gradle. I’m pretty sure it isn’t installed where AS installs Gradle. That’s it for now. I’ll keep looking and post a solution, when I find one.
I did find that Processing does install Gradle in the same folder as AS: c:\user\username.gradle. If you delete this folder both Processing and AS will reinstall it.

Wouldn’t surprise me that Processing is coupled with Android Studio. I checked and my AS uses gradle 8.0 so I don’t know what Processing is complaining about if it’s true that they are connected. Thanks for the input.