How to Read Data from Google Calendar (or similar) in Processing

I have been thinking of ways to read data from a collaborative cloud based calendar, like Google Calendar. I imagine there may be other services but let’s roll with this one for now.

Would it be possible to read data from a calendar, day, hour, etc in Processing?

Imagine you wanted to trigger an event of an artwork according to an event in a calendar.

Then you might have the sketch read the text from the first event that day and then do something with it?

I think so.

I just can’t figure out the library needed or how to access the API. But it should be possible someway right?

Or, an alternative Calendar program may make this easier, etc.

What might be a good route to get at this from?

Hi @CaseyJ ,

Google has a good documentation on how to do it.

Here’s the Java version for it:

But you need to create a project on google cloud platform for the credentials to use the API.

— mnse