How to Properly Install Processing 4 on Windows 10 and Remove “Search for App in App Store Prompt”?

I have never really been sure how to properly install processing 3 or 4.

After downloading and extracting I’m just not sure where to place the folder. Obviously downloads isn’t a good option. I’ve been placing it in program files but maybe that’s not a good idea either? What is the (86) version anyways?

Either way, the above question me or not be affecting the next question…

How do I disable the “Search for App in App Store Prompt” when opening Processing 4? See screenshot.

I have tried a few methods and thought I would ask before I possibly change the wrong thing in the registry and my computer explodes.

Is this something that most people encounter? Obviously, you can just click no and it loads but that’s very inconvenient and I’m thinking with any kind of automation or start up processes this may get in the way of a flawless startup.

Is there a standard method to fix this?

Or, does it depend on the exact windows 10 OS flavor?

Thank you for any tips I appreciate the help!