Module Python for all domain users

Hi processing

I am the sysadmin for a K12-school and I am asked to install Processing with the python plugin on all of my desktops. When preparing the master image for my school and testing the software, I noticed that processing is a standalone (portable) application that I can just copy to C:\program files\processing.

The python plugin/mode however, is downloaded to C:\users<user>\documents and not to the processing folder. That means I either have to copy those python-files to the C:\users\public\documents or have all my users download the plugin when they need it.

Is there a way to “install” the plugin to the processing folder and make it available for all my users?

thank you for your reply

In general, “ProgramFiles” is a bad path to place stand-alone apps. :zipper_mouth_face:
You’re better off choosing “Public” instead. :sunglasses: