How to get 20 year old Applets on my web page to run in modern browsers?

Twenty years ago I used Processing to create interactive graphics on my educational website for an ancient computing device.

The RCA Selectron -- Selective Addressing -- addressing03 / addr03.html
for example.

It worked great and Processing was just the tool for the job. But the Applets were eventually deprecated for security reasons and the animations were no more.

I have spent several hours with the tutorials and am stumped as to how to migrate the code to the modern web. If someone would point me to the correct place, I’ll get the old site upgraded and perhaps write some new simulations. Thanks for a great language and thanks for your assistance.

Charles, A.K.K OldZeb

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OK, I watched all of Dan Shiffman’s videos (and at 2X playback he is really a hoot!) and recoded from scratch rather than looking for a rev converter. Took less time and went better than expected. Quarter of a century later, it is still a great language. Thanks!

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