How to process Java runs on the web

As we all know, processing JS project has stopped maintenance, so what is the latest method? I think there is still processing in openprocessing Java projects can run. Why, except for processing JS, is there any other plan

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AFAIK the abandoned Pjs is the only Processing flavor which can convert Java Mode sketches to run inside a browser:

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processing. JS I know this library, but the maintenance of this library has been stopped in 2016. Is the Java code of openprocessing also implemented through this, doesn’t it seem started out w/ Pjs and still offers Pjs as 1 of its 3 modes:
Processingjs Deprecation Notice | OpenProcessing FAQ

However, there was indeed a time that we could transfer almost any Java Mode sketch to the web using Java Applets addon.

As far as I know, Java applets can run directly on the web, which is no problem. However, Java applets only run the basic functions of Java se, but there is no processing running environment for processing API Java applets. How is it implemented? Is there a runnable code example? Thank you very much. It helped me a lot

AFAIK, only browser which can run Java applets is Waterfox Classic:

Read this whole discussion for it:

ok, thank you very much