Which version of Processing for an older version of Java?

Hello everyone!

This is a bit of a strange question - please bear with me.

I have set my hands on an old Windows CE palmtop which happens to run JRE 1.5 (certain, and possibly JRE 1.6).

I was wondering if I could develop a simple Processing sketch that would run on this version of Java.

I know current Processing sketches (as exported from the latest 3.5.3) can run using JRE 1.8.0_74.

Should I try developing with an earlier version of Processing? If so, which one? Or, can I rebuild the Processing libraries with J2SE 1.6 (since they only use the syntax for that version) and then manually compile my Processing 3 sketch?

Many thanks in advance,


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Thanks :). I will look into it. Pity that the language reference for that old version is not online anymore… I’ll see how I can backport my sketch (it’s a simple one).

Go: “Help” :arrow_right: “Reference”. :blue_book: