GSOC 2021 Showcase draft proposal

Hello, everyone!
here is my draft proposal for " Continued development of p5.js Showcase" please take a look and any feedback would be highly appreciated

Proposal Link
@kjhollen @lmccart @jeremydouglass @saberkhan

Hi @ReyzArtz it would be great to explain in your proposal how you plan to work to feature artists from diverse backgrounds, locations, etc.

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Hey @lmccart I have made the changes to the proposal and the design you recommended you can take a look at it here if u have anymore suggestion it would be highly appreciated.

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Hey, @lmccart @kjhollen @saberkhan @jeremydouglass are there any more changes would u like me to make u add any features to improve my current proposal.

Could you change the permissions on your document, @ReyzArtz? I can’t access it.