Discussion: GSoC 2022 Continued development of p5.js showcase

Hi. My name is Tanadol Deachprapakorn. I’m a second-year computer engineering student at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. p5.js introduced me to generative art and creative coding. So, I’m interested to be a part of the p5.js showcase and being a curator.

To me, the showcase website feels like a yearly exhibition as past year showcases are archived. I’m looking at ways for it to feel like a living gallery with yearly collections. Also, I want other curators to be able to add new collections easily. Lastly, I’m thinking about how to deal with submission stats of different year, could we combine them to show a bigger picture and to have more impact? What do you think?

Thank you.
Ps. Is the submission for the showcase open throughout the year, or only during GSoC period?

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Hi @putawande I think its best to put in a GSoC project for the showcase since there are no other plans to develop the showcase aside from GSoC currently.

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