GSoC'22 Proposal Draft - p5js Examples Code Improvement

Hello Everyone!
I’m Malay, Here’s my draft proposal to improve the examples code :

The project aims to update the examples in p5 to contextualize them with principles of visual design. Processing and p5 have been designed with a ​​focus on creating visual, interactive media and this has successfully led design, art, and architecture students into programming. But there’s a new generation of students that are growing up in a world where code and digital media are ubiquitous, it thus becomes necessary to bring a change in how we teach art and code, and to perhaps teach them together.

I want to work on a set of examples that introduces both programming constructs alongside concepts of art & design. My hope is that by showcasing how the tool can be used visually, I can bridge the gap that beginners often face between conceptualizing an artwork and coding it

Would love comments and feedback from mentors and aspiring contributors. The GDoc is open for commenting.


@kjhollen @mcintyre Tagging you here as I’ve seen you respond on other threads, please do leave any feedback you can so that I can improve my proposal :pray:

Happy to answer any questions you might have about the proposal.

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Your proposal is off to a great start! :clap:t4: I left a few comments for your review.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll take into account what you’ve said and update the proposal.

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