Example Proposals

Hi everyone,
Some of you have asked for examples of GSoC proposals. Here are some examples:

Ashley Kang’s Curating Community Creativity for p5.js 1.0

Carlos Garcia’s p5.touchgui: A flexible, easy-to-use multi-touch GUI library for p5.js

Kate Hollenbach’s Web GL improvements for p5.js

You should also look here: GSoC guidelines - proposal example 1



Thank you @saberkhan.

Thanks a lot @saberkhan for the proposals.

Thanks a lot @saberkhan.

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Hey everyone,
This is Syam Sundar K. I’ve been a GSoC student with Processing Foundation for the past couple of years. Here are my proposals:
GSoC 2018: https://syam.app/gsoc18
GSoC 2019: https://syam.app/gsoc19
Reach me out if you guys need any help regarding the process.!
Cheers and Good Luck.!


Thanks a bunch @syam_sundar_k!

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Thanks a lot @syam_sundar_k

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