GSoC 2019: Need some suggestion related to this project

I’m Keshav Gupta 2nd year student of computer science and engineering from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra jammu& Kashmir India. I would like to participate in GSoC project of 2019. and I’m interested in this project ideas:

Curate set of p5.js examples for 1.0 release

I want help to understand this project. and I also want to touch with a mentor to learn more about this projects. I’m glad to be here to part of this community.
My Github user id 17bcs029
Looking forward to working with processing.
My proposal are here


Hi, everyone as all of you know I’m interested in curate set of p5.js examples for 1.0 release actually I want some suggestion related to this project. I’m think that we make another sidebar navbar element for adding curate set of example. what do you think about it?

Hi everyone I have question related to this project. which type of example you want to made in this project. I started learning the p5.js and I also convert some code processing in to p5.js and also merged some pr. you will see this pr here. so I also want to help you in making some example.

Hi everyone I think some of the examples left in processing and I will try to add into p5.js
I read about the project. I will think we have to filter the examples to make you a curated set. I will filter on the following points:

  1. Stable Codebase
  2. Audit Score
  3. Check for documentation If don’t have I will add into them.
  4. Check for Indentation If don’t have I will add into them.

I will try to find more points. Can @lmccart and @stalgiag help me to points some key feature or example which should be edit?
If anyone can help me related to this project ideas are also welcome.

@keshavv_123 To clarify, this project doesn’t require editing of existing examples. It calls for the curation and collection of entirely new examples, with an emphasis on representing the diversity of the community of p5.js users. These examples would be added to the examples page, and maybe featured on a special page of their own. This is up to you to propose.

@lmccart can you please clarify me also one thing we will suggest to make this type of example of the artist or they will make they’re your own examples.

I also need a suggestion related to the proposal. how to get more and more technical terms in the proposal.

From the project list:

We are aiming for a 1.0 release in early 2020, see this roadmap for plans. As part of this release, we would like to also release a new curated set of examples on the p5.js website. This project would involve identifying and curating an artist list, finding their contact information, reaching out to them for existing examples or inviting them to make new ones, gathering and standardizing the files, and adding them to the p5.js website.

The project list call says that either you can ask each artist for “existing examples” or ask them “to make new ones.” To propose, you might want to consider what artists you would contact – or how you would search for and select them based on what they already made. If you would invite them to make new ones, what kinds of things would you invite them to make?

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Thanks, @jeremydouglass I also think this is the right question.

Hello everyone, I have prepared my proposal, so I want to take review from you all and especially from @lmccart and @stalgiag

Hi, everyone actually I probably have very little time left to submit the proposal. Can anyone please review this draft proposal. It will be very helpful for me.

I won’t comment on the work plan, because I am not a p5.js developer, but I have left some general comments on the application.

My #1 advice – revise the abstract and make it a complete, self-contained description of the project that anyone can understand – like the first paragraphs of a wikipedia page about your project.

Thanks for your response @jeremydouglass I will try to explain more the abstract.

hi @keshavv_123 looking good. my main feedback is that your proposal mentions “convincing people to make examples” many times. I don’t think the focus needs to be on quantity here, but rather quality.

Thanks, @lmccart for your response I will try to focus on quality.

Hi @lmccart ome things I have changed in timeline and I am now thinking about focusing on quality in it. can you please see one more time?