GSOC'20 proposal questions

I’m Connie, a current Information Science (User Experience and Interactive Technology) major and Computer Science minor at Cornell! I love the mission of the Processing foundation and have used p5.js myself during my explorations of creative computing. I’m currently almost done formulating my GSOC proposal and I had a few questions:

  1. For the project description are we supposed to have an exact idea about what technologies we will use? I was hoping to get some guidance on what database language would be best because all I know is SQL. In other words, how exact do our plans have to be?
  2. How detailed does project implementation have to be? Right now I have rough ideas/wireframes but they would have to be validated using user testing.
  3. Would it be possible for mentors to look over my GSOC proposal before I submit it to make sure I have enough details? If not, that’s okay too.

EDIT: if possible, here’s my draft proposal if anyone wants to take a look and give feedback!



Hi @connieliu! Welcome! Yes, please post a draft proposal here and someone will review when they can. Just try to leave enough time before the deadline for folks to respond and for you to have a little time to edit after.

Saber posted some example proposals in this thread: GSOC Example Proposals that may be helpful. It’s good to be specific when you can to show that you can take on the work, but it’s ok to keep things a little flexible and to expect goals to change based on user input, etc. Or, if you need to do some research as part of the project, you can account for this in your timeline.


Thanks so much for the help @kjhollen! Here’s my draft proposal below:
Also I was wondering- would it be better to post my draft proposal as a new post in the forum so more people can see it? Or is posting it here okay.

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@kjhollen Hi! Would it be possible to send over my draft via email?
Thanks so much again!

Hi @connieliu, I just requested access using the link above. thanks!

I’ve been revising it based off of your feedback, thanks so much for looking over it!