Submission for draft proposal

Where should we submit our draft proposal for projects

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@KarthikSundar You can post your draft proposal here on the forum and request volunteers to review your proposal. :slight_smile:

Hey hi @KarthikSundar , its great to hear that you are interested in Processing Foundation projects !

You can post your draft proposal here for voluntarily review, and you can also submit your draft proposal on GSoC website as well.

Note - make sure that you allow others to comment on your draft proposal and please restrict editing rights upto you only

ps - I would love to review your draft proposal.

happy coding !


@AdityaRana Here is my link to my draft proposal, I have also given my draft through the GSoC platform

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I will review it ASAP @KarthikSundar :slight_smile:

Good to hear and eagerly waiting for it.

@AdityaRana I have modified my proposal, and I would really love if you can take another look at it

@AdityaRana I have seen that you have suggested me to explain more briefly about the examples, however, that can be done only after discussion with the mentor. I have tried to mail the mentor - mentioned on the project list page, but I have failed to get any reply. If I misunderstood your suggestion, please kindly say so.

don’t you think the proposal is too thin even if it’s a draft? I would add more examples and break down the schedule in detail even though you couldn’t contact possible mentors.

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@micuat thats what I suggested !

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