GSOC in p5.js web editor

Hey! Myself Ankur Ingale, an undergrad student from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.
I am really interested in the p5.js web editor project,
search in the list of sketches.
I wanted to know, if I have to search in the User’s sketch list or in general. Because, a general search would be useful as well.

Currently if you create an account on the web editor and log in, you will find the My Account > My Sketches view.

It looks like this URL is public even if you aren’t logged in – so there is currently no difference between a “public” and “private” sketch, if you know the URL. If there was going to be a general sketch search, it might need to give users control over what would show up in search results – and so need some concept of publishing / public sketches. You could look at things like Scratch, Codepen, etc. to get ideas.

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@jeremydouglass I planned on working a search in the user’s sketch list as well as a general search where we can search with parameters as the author, sketch name, collection name etc. Exactly the way Codepen works. What are your views on it?

Personally I like that idea. One of the main sites that people on the forum use right now is, another is – you might also want to ask forum users who frequently use the public share features of those sites (or have big portfolios on them) for feedback. on your plan


But at the same time, I need the public/private feature for users to give control on their sketches. I wonder I can do both of them within such a short time. @jeremydouglass?
PS.: I will be applying for GSoC.

Good question. I’m not actually sure – I would say, ask the current developers of the p5.js web editor

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@cassie I feel the time is less for implementing both.

yep, i agree, i don’t think there’s enough time in GSoC to do both!