Introduction; ability to make sketches private

Hello everyone,
My name is Aldrin Jenson and I am from Kerala, India. I would very much like to work on the project for making the sketches private in the p5.js web editor as part of the Google Summer of Code this year. I had worked with ReactJS for over 7 months and would really love to do this project both as a means of increasing my skills further and also for improving and adding extra feature to the p5JS web editor.
However, I am afraid, I haven’t really made any open source contributions worth mentioning before. So I don’t really have anything worth showing. But I really love working with React and Redux. I honestly believe that, if selected, GSoC would just be the best opportunity I’d get to really jump into the world of Open Source.

Thank You

P.S. I checked out this issue:

But apparently there seems to be a lack of sufficient data to begin. It would be really great if someone could provide me some extra information on this.

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