About the p5.js Editor and Enhancements

Hello, what do you think of when we create our projects, they appear as screen print in our URL ??

For example, going to https://editor.p5js.org/willianxz/ should appear a list of my projects in the form of images, this would serve me as a good code portfolio, outside which I could share with others and learn from them. too.
On top of that, it would be one more reason for me to keep making more code with the editor.

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you mean like
just with pictures too?

i would like that as a optional gallery,
where i can say what project and what picture is shown.


Exactly, it would be nice if the image of the project appears, so we would know more or less what it is about, it would be easier to find what we did and for others it would be easier to know what it is.

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I didn’t know you could do that /sketches thing. :open_mouth:

In the web editor, click on

My Account > My Sketches

to load that popup.

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or just
/ File / Open /

but his point might be:
that i show him,
when you have a user name you can open ‘that popup’
of other peoples sketches…

yes, processing is all about SHARING

and how can you find names of other users?


Ah yes – good point. The web editor really is not designed with privacy in mind. This is why it is a bad idea to use your API keys in web editor sketches, even if you have not “published” them – they are all public.