GSOC 2019, Ideas for p5-web-editor

Hi everyone,

I am Laksh Singla, a computer science sophomore from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. I would love to participate in this year’s GSOC and have gone through the idea list. I am proficient in JS(Node and Browser), and have knowledge of React and Express. You can find me on (GithHub)[].I would like to contribute to the p5.js-web-editor. Here are some of the ideas which caught my attention:

  • Mobile/Responsive Design Implementation
    I am currently working on implementing the new view of SketchList component, as per the Zeplin spec Issue#819. I would like to implement more views which have been designed as a part of my GSoC programme.

  • Search in Sketch List
    In order to increase the ease of use of the editor, search functionality is a must, and I intend to work on it too, as a part of GSoC programme.
    Apart from it, after investigating the need of tagging of sketches, I would like to work on it too (if time permits, or after the completion of GSoC programme)

Looking forward to work with you all :slight_smile: