Clarification regarding the making sketches Private project

Hi, I would like to work on the project for making the sketches private in the p5Js Web editor for GSoC.

The project is linked with the following Github issue.

The current problem according to my understanding is that when someone enters the URL:, then all the sketches saved of the particular user can be viewed. In other words, all the sketches are public.

But then, does making the sketches private means not showing them in the list of sketches and maybe instead, creating a separate window or modal maybe and then listing all the private sketches inside it in such a way that they cannot be directly accessed from the URL like the public sketches? There also has to be a button to toggle whether the sketch is saved privately or publicly as well.

Can someone kindly confirm if this is what is really expected from this project along with the advanced feature of authorizing certain users to see the private projects if the user prefers it.


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