GSoC 22 Proposal : Improving the Friendly Error System

My name is Reeju Bhattacharya and I would like to present my proposal for improving the Friendly Error System of p5.js. Please feel free to leave comments on how I can improve my proposal. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Proposal Link : link

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@hx2A @mcintyre. Would love it if you would have a look. Thanks!

Welcome, @Reeju_Bhattacharya !

I work on the py5 project, not p5, so I can’t provide feedback here. However, I did read your proposal and like the idea of a Friendly Error System. It inspired some ideas that I will use to improve py5.

Thanks for your proposal for Processing and GSoC!

Your proposal looks good so far! I added another note about the Friendly Warning System.