Make GIF with p5.js

I am Ankur Mazumder, 2nd year in IIT Bhubaneshwar. I have a fair amount of knowledge in JavaScript including ES6 and have some experience with p5.js. I would like to work on GIF project. I have some ideas on the implementation of GIF, which instead of manually uploading images into the third party website might be done automatically. I am also interested in FES and p5.js sound library. But, as much as I could surmise from it is, those 2 topics are new implementations and unfortunately, I could not find any issues on these topics. I would like to know if there are any currently open issues regarding these topics for me to solve.

Awaiting your reply and permission to work on it.

Thank you.


Hi @ankur_54, thanks for your interest. Here are some links with issues and discussion related to your interests:

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Hi @ankur_54

I’ve just started work on a p5 library which supports GIF exports and would be happy to collaborate: