Continued development of p5.js Showcase

Greetings, everyone. I am a junior year, IT undergrad from India. I was browsing the Project List for summer of code Ideas of this year, and the project idea Continued development of p5.js Showcase came to my notice. Since I have previously made some p5.js examples for the organization, I found this project colliding with my interests.

This is one of my very few contributions to the organization.

I’m skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some other web-technologies, plus, I’ve working knowledge of p5.js library as well. I’ve some ideas and would like to know how one must proceed in order to contribute to the project.
@lmccart, any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards.

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@teddysphotos It would be good to start by looking at the write-up by Ashley Kang who began this project last summer. Think about ways you might extend the project by (1) developing the site, and (2) adding to the curation of examples. What criteria would you use for curating? How would you reach out to people? What is missing?


Thanks a lot for the guidence. I’m on it.