GSOC : p5.js Web editor idea

@cassie @jeremydouglass
I am currently thinking of implementing internationalization and search in sketch lists as a part of google summer of code .
Can you please have a look at my proposal and indicate some changes that can be made.

Link :-


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Hi @siddhant – thanks for working on this!

I will take a look, but I’m not one of the p5.js developers or a GSOC mentor this year – I mainly work with p5(java) – so my only feedback would be as a community member and user of the website. For strategic advice I would suggest also communicating with other committers to the p5js web editor github.


Hey @jeremydouglass @cassie , can you please review this one , I had certain questions in mind

  1. Is the template okay (I have not followed the given one but answered all the questions)
  2. Should I cut some ideas if you think that’s too much work?