GSoC 2019: Create p5 Music examples

Hi, I am Sahil, a student in 3rd year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Jammu.

I am interested in the project on creating p5 music examples. I am familiar with the sound library of p5.js and I have started with the code examples given in The Code of Music course.

I am good at documentation and I will be publishing them on the p5.js website simultaneously.

I would also investigate how to integrate Tone.js with p5 once I am familiar with both of them. I might suggest some new ideas as I come along them.

I have good familiarity with javascript. I had done a Pocket Tanks game project.

Please confirm if I can start working on this project.

Thank you.

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@sahil_bansal Yeah start with making a PR ,get review and build from that.

Hello, is this the GitHub repo of The Code of Music project?

This is the repo for the Code of Music course. The examples are to be created here.

regarding other

p5.js-website/src/data/examples/en/16_Dom at main · processing/p5.js-website · GitHub ,

is it possible to include something like we play
forum and but more simple as here

about the two way of positioning DOM elements.

Hi all - thanks for your interest! The repo you mention just holds the syllabus and class notes from the course that the online book is based on. You can contact me directly at