P5 music examples

Hello, I am a junior year, IT major student from India. I was going through the project list of ideas for this year’s summer of code and found the project of creating p5 Music examples very intriguing.

I have been following Yale university’s playlist on Listening to Music with Craig Wright on YouTube for some time now, plus I’ve been using p5.js since this January and contributed some examples. This is one of the few examples that I’ve contributed to the organization.

I’d like to know what source other than this one and this one should I follow to work on the p5 Music examples project.

Thanks and regards.

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Hello, @jeremydouglass. I’m not able to get in touch with the mentor the sound examples project. Is there any way you can guide me on how should I get in touch with the mentor? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and regards.

Hi @teddysphotos – who is the mentor that you have tried to contact?

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I apologise for the late reply, @jeremydouglass, I got stuck in college assignments. A fool that I am, I made a typo in the email address of the mentor, and it reached someone else. I have mailed to the correct email now.
Thanks a lot for taking out time.

Not a problem, @teddysphotos – hope you get a response soon. Thank you for your interest in the project!

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@jeremydouglass, @lmccart, @kjhollen I am interested in working on the p5 music examples project and I have written 2 emails to Luisa Pereira regarding the same. It’s been almost 5 days since I wrote to her first. Is there any way I could know whether Luisa would be available as a mentor for project? And if not, should I continue working on the proposal for p5 music examples?
Any help would be much appriciated.


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It is my understanding that mentors are chosen after you apply – so do please go ahead and submit an application if you are excited about the project, even if you have not consulted with Pereira.

That said, I am not coordinating GSOC this year – I believe that the point of contact is @saberkhan.

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Sure @jeremydouglass, and thanks a lot, again, for your help.

Yes, please send in your proposal and we will take look. Final decisions will depend on mentor availability, number of slots we get, and other question. We will do our best to match accepted proposals to the right mentors.


But what if I have doubts regarding the topics that should be included or not in the proposal? Whom should I contact?

Hi @teddysphotos, most proposals that are posted on the forum here usually get read – just leave enough time before the deadline to give folks time to reply and leave yourself a little time for revisions.


Sure @kjhollen. My draft proposal is almost ready, I’ll post it asap. But I have I some doubts regarding how should I proceed with musical examples. Is there any way that I can get in touch with Luisa?

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Hi Sagar,

I am happy to talk about this with you ––let me know if you would like to jump on a call sometime this week. I will start a thread on email so we can coordinate.


Sure, Luisa. That would be great. My email id is sgrarora3@gmail.com