INTRO for gsoc 2020

Hola peeps!
Myself DIVYASNHU RAJ ,a sophomore at IIT-ROORKEE , INDIA.
i have been exploring P5.js library from past year .
i am fond of audio synthesis and visualisation , and p5.js was best option for me to do the both ,
draw using CANVAS , and FFT analysis using p5.j-sound library , also it’s DOM api’s are just aweosme and very intuitive .
i have done lot’s of projects on audio visualisation and even made my own module for FFT of audios :smile:
you can check it out here:

i have great zeal to work with audio processing ,and i choose P5.js-sound library to work upon , THIS GSOC .

i got this from idealist , and i would like to work on this

"Modernize examples and codebase of the p5.Sound library "

please guide me to make further steps …

THANKS ! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Please suggest me something, it’s been long time no one have reached out here

I am not a p5.js core developer, so I can’t interpret “modernize” for you, but a suggestion: you could start out by taking a look at the p5.Sound library, including open issues and the examples. What are some of your ideas for things that need to be changed or added? How would you go about doing it?


@endurance21 the details of that project item outline the items that could be worked on within this project:

  • All examples for p5.sound and MediaElements (part of p5.dom) address the Chrome autoplay policy
  • Update AudioIn for compatibility with latest mobile and desktop browsers
  • Improved experience for p5 sound developers who can use the latest JavaScript (beyond ES5)
  • Developers have sourcemaps for easier debugging
  • Our GitHub becomes focused on issues, rather than questions, because we have examples covering common usage scenarios
    • Create examples that show how to upload sound files to a server (#211)
    • Create examples of importing p5.sound in Webpack module bundler; use with frameworks like Angular and React
    • Examples of using p5.sound with other sound libraries, especially Meyda (#228) (for audio visualization)
  • Increase unit testing coverage
    • Continuous Integration with Travis CI on every pull request
  • p5.sound can be used with or without p5.js, and in combination with other Web Audio libraries like Tone.JS and Meyda

thanku @jeremydouglass @lmccart
for the response , i am onboard for the same now!!