GSOC 2019 p5.js: Music of Code

Hello, I’m Neil, an IT undergraduate. I have used p5 in my hobby projects and I’d like to write a GSOC proposal for the project The Code of Music. I have a few questions.

  • Is this the respository for the code of music? Where can I find a wiki on what examples need to be made, because the website and issues page don’t mention it.
  • I can’t find a user handle for the possible mentor, Luisa Pereira. Is it alright if I contact her directly or should I only use this platform?
  • Do I have to decide on my own how I want to structure my work on the GSoC proposal timeline, or is there any information on what parts of the project need more/earlier attention (i.e. are of higher priority)?

I’ve cloned the codebase and am skimming the code. I hope someone could please point me to some resource for guidance. Thank you

Hi Neil, thank you for your interest! The repo you mention just holds the syllabus and class notes from the class that the online book is based on. You can contact me directly at

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