Google Sign-In and Processing Android

How can I integrate Google Sign-In when building Processing Android app?
I tried searching the forum but could not find any answer to it.

Any tips or advice is appreciated.


I think this is an interesting question. Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have the time to try this out.
Even if we can not use android’s xml structure, all can be done programmatically. The best tutorial I found about the subject is this one.
All imports and widgets necessary can be found there.
On this forum you can find enough examples on how to use widgets programmatically, and how to link them with runnable’s. I would like to encourage you to try, and let us know.

@ssdesign , @noel ===
i have done that with AS && firebase but never tried with P5; yet looking to your tutorial i can see 2 problems (except the android widgets && xml which can be easily solved); first one is the .json which has to be put directly inside the app folder; as P5 put this kind of file inside the assets folder i am afraid that it will not work; second one is with gradle and implementations…