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Hii to everyone,I am Bhavya Jain 2nd year student at IIT(ISM),Dhanbad
I am an intermediate android developer(good front end developer). Since i made all my projects in android X I have an keen interest for processing for android migrating to android X project. Please let me know how can i start my contribution to the project mentioned. Also please let me know how i can solve issues from level to level (basic,intermediate level of issues). For advanced issues I need to level up myself by contributing in this project, so that i will be able to solve advance issues also. I am very interested to work in this project it will help me a lot and I will try my best to contribute more and more in this project.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Bhavya22
Are you aware of some work regarding migration to android X project already done? See this link here.
Maybe you want to interact with the people there.
And welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Thank you sir. Now for the project all i was thinking is, it is a project which has code before the androidx library is used(According to the issues i have read). So all i am thinking about is to convert that code which is compatible with androidX like firstly android.

support.v7 to androidX library etc. Although i don’t know how to make these libraries but how to use the existing library that i know.
Please guide me if I am thinking in a different way.
Thank you in advance

I am afraid that this is too advanced for me. I found Processing for Android because I needed (for physical reasons) to program on Android devices themselves, and I found an app called APDE that runs Processing for Android on the device itself. As time went on I needed more sophisticated widgets that can be created programmatically. So I maintain a repo with simple examples for that. I think it would be nice to have an app similar to “UI Designer” that works in conjunction with the app “AIDE”, and creates widgets/views quite easily by selecting and placing them.

Now this think I am unable to understand is processing for android is not related to app thats is made by android studio or something equivalent to it

Processing for Android can be used as a graphics library in Android Studio.

There are two main ways to combine Processing for Android with Gradle and
Android Studio:

  1. Exporting a Processing sketch as a Gradle project from the PDE.
    This project can be compiled from the command line using the
    Gradle Wrapper tool (https://docs.gradle.org/current/
    userguide/gradle_wrapper.html) that is included with
    the exported project. This project can also be imported into
    Android Studio.
  2. Importing the processing-core package into an existing or
    new Android Studio project and using it to access all the core
    Processing’s API for drawing and interaction. This makes
    possible to write portions of a larger Android app with custom
    Processing-based views, and to integrate them with Android
    native views and UI.

APDE is an android app that uses this library

So basically it is a library which can be used in android studio project

As an Android developer what are the things that in which I can contribute.
And like it’s my mention in GSOC-2020( just for reference) in technologies an Android tag so what actually an Android developer worked on 2020 contributions(in GSOC).
Please let me know about this
Thank you in advance

I don’t know if you already have seen this Project List for GSOC, just to get an idea what the interests are. The P4A part is near the bottom.

Yes I have seen the project list and by seeing processing for android skills required. I thought that I can also contribute my best to this project.

Still, I would suggest an implementation of an app described above in conjunction with APDE which requires AndroidX. That would be great! See this link.

Ok I will try this. But I want to know why I am unable to run processing android repo in android studio because it is showing build error due to transformAction

I don’t have much experience with Android Studio.
@akenaton could you assist?

@Bhavya22 === can you explain what you have done and show the error code withAS (and what example frome the repo you use)

i just clone the repo to android studio and when it start building the project I got gradle error.
Unable to load class ‘org.gradle.api.artifacts.transform.TransformAction’.
this is the error i am facing please help me to solve this

processing android repo

@Bhavya22 ===

-Take an app made with Processing (&& android) the most simple app but tested and running
-export it with P5 to android project
-put the created folder where you want- -
with AS create a project “from existing code” giving path to this folder
after that verify that P5 core.jar is inside your libraries (AS)
what happens?