Bleeding edge of technology

just to dump my frustration. I don’t know for how long P4Android does exist, but 4me as a beginner its just terrible. Beware, I am an el Engineer, programming since 1976 in Assembler,
no Debugger, can’t look at Variables or set breakpoints
sparse documentation and tutorials
no explanation, how P5 creates Android functionality like activities, Containers, Layouts etc. in the background, etc.

Like this, one can hardly produce something more than “Hello World”.

There are examples, references, tutorials and even books to buy:

Maybe this helps you a little bit :slight_smile: And processing can be used as Java library together with IDE’s which offer a debugger (Eclipse, IntelliJ…)

@lve0200 ===
in some sense i agree with you and if you are really wanting to work with Android you have now to work with Android Studio; yet

  1. as for animations or graphics P5 is very useful ( some kind of library working with AS)
  2. if you want to understand what P5 does in the background you can try to export your app and get a look at the generated code: things begin to be more clear, P5 creates an activity then creates a fragment which is added to a frameLayout: so if you want to go further than the helloWorld you have to work with this framelayout and add or remove what you want to it; now also, knowing that you are in a fragment you can create another one and make all what you want with it (but coding in native android)…