Processing for Flutter

Processing for Flutter

I am new to Processing and have been reading extensively about it and have been so very amazed at what a great work every member of this community has done and is doing. I also read the Processing for Android codebase a little and have been thoroughly impressed. I too am an android developer, I have worked with Java, Kotlin and Flutter most recently. Since, there is already Processing for Android in Kotlin, I wanted to propose Processing for Flutter, a totally new Processing Library for development with Flutter.

This is just an idea that popped up in my head and thought it would be useful as Flutter is used to creating cross-platform mobile application, websites and desktop tools. I essentially wanted to get the views of all the Processing heads, volunteers and contributors on what the possible challenges could be, the obstacles, difficulties and prospects and whether such a project is feasible or not. Feel free to give feedback on the idea so that it could be further developed.

Thank you
D Ajay Kumar
Undergrad at PEC, Chandigarh, India

@dajayk12 ===
your idea seems very interesting; i am also (job) an android developer who uses normally AS and P5 for fun; but i dont know nothing to Flutter; i give a look at that as soon as possible; anyway, if i can help i am ok

Hello @akenaton , so very glad to talk to you. I too am very excited about the idea and this was the first thing that popped in my head the moment I came to know what Processing is and how cool it is as I am a hard core mobile developer and absolutely love writing code for app UI. And having a processing library would make things so much more fun and beautiful. I can hardly contain my excitement. Anyhow, take your time to review the idea. I am always ready to jump into the project and start building something exciting. website haved a library p5 | Flutter Package

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