AudioIn issue : could not secure an AudioInput

Hi everyone,
I have an problem with audioIn. I’m on MacOs I can’t get the Microphone by my sketch : could not secure an AudioInput. I have try both Sound and Minim libraries without success. The microphone works well with the others applications like Skype or Adobe Audition.
Anyone has an idea? Thank you.

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Welcome to the community.

I’m not sure, but:

  1. Open the system settings
  2. Go to “Security”
  3. Go to “Permissions”
  4. Search in the left-hand list for microphone
  5. Unlock by the lock in the bottom-left-hand corner in the window
  6. Enable it for Processing

Can’t try or provide screenshots because I am on a Windows machine, but another guy had the same problem.

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Thank you very much Lightosk. I had try this, unfortunatly the problem is that Processing don’t appear in the Permission window. I would like to add Processing with the others enabled application.
Thanks again for your answer.

FYI : I’ve found the problem. Processing 3.5.4 export didn’t access the Microphone.
I have downgraded to 3.5.3 and IT WORKS again.
Hope this will help someone.


Helped me, thanks Fred.

@fred This helped me too. Thanks!