GameJam people?

Hello community! Do you feel like setting up a gameJam or some kind of game contest using processing?


can you elaborate? What is it?

I think they mean, someone puts an idea out there for a specific genre of game and everyone tries to program their own idea based on that genre, say horror survival or something, could be wrong but I think thats what they are.


I think @Mikey83 has probably got it right. As far as I remember the last time this was tried was for Halloween 2014 and only 2 members created something and I was one of them.

Originally written in Java I recreated in p5.js so it could be shared on the web. The game has no winners or losers but hopefully you will find it entertaining. You can play it here - it will take sometime to load first time due to downloading the graphic and audio files so please be patient :smile:


It’s funny, what is the objective in the game? I don’t get it hehe


Honestly, your topic is just like a game

Guessing game

Could you be more specific what do you mean with ‘’ gameJam’’

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More exactly what I mean is creating a game contest where we set a deadline to deliver the games and that the forum community itself is the one that votes for the projects presented.

Will you be awarding prizes? If not what’s the objective? hehe

hehe… el objetivo es el crecimiento intelectual y comprensivo personal jeje…
Solo es una pregunta lanzada al viento, a modo de explotar el lenguaje y de cara a mostrar de lo que es capaz processing en las manos de la gente :wink:

The objective is entertain the user :smile: it also demonstrates what can be achieved with Processing and p5.js :wink:

I like the idea. Probably depends on timing, how many are able to join.

Is there not a Global Game Jam once a year? Could be in parallel to that.

I tried to make a processing game for the 2021 nokia Jam on… just to find the exported java code did not work.

BTW, I should improve THAT game.

Hey, I made another Mondrian Game.

Video below.

Mondrian is a famous painter, so the Hero is Mondrian (bit of a painter cliché here) and the Level depicts his (late) painting style (for example Tableau I, 1921), the colors and the clear, simple forms.


Features of the Game:

  • Full 3D Game
  • Full Level Editor in 3D
  • Full Game Play: You need to go to the target Cube through a 3D Labyrinth (that you just built!)
  • Aimed at kids between 3 and 12

See the Video: Mondrian Game 3D - YouTube (Play thru)

Thanks for watching!

Additional Infos

Main Menu

  • Level Editor
  • Play Game
  • Load Level
  • Save Level
  • Help Text

Some Mouse Commands and keys in the Level Editor

* Left Mouse - add element
* Center Mouse - select element
* Right Mouse - camera rotation

* m - MAIN MENU  
* P - Game play 
* Return - change state (e.g. Game Play)

* Space Bar - toggle transparency

* h - Help Screen 

* x - show / hide help
* Backspace - delete last
* c - clear all
* r - camera type

* Cursor up/down select prev/next Element
* 0..9 choose type of block
* + change type last element (or selected element)
* - (minus) change sub type (e.g. stair) (last or selected element)
* p and l up/down last element

* k - show data of selected Cube 
* K - enforce rewrite PG for cubes

* s - Save 
* L - Load

keywords: Game Jam, Mondrian, 3D, 3D Editor, 3D Game


gamejam, doesnt have to have prizes, as I recall, its really just a way for people to showcase what they are able to come up with following a criteria set at the begining.Everyone comes up with a different approach to the criteria, or the brief and that is the fun of the game jam. Seeing what everyone has come up with. The deadlines are usually pretty short, ie 24-48 hours, so it makes it difficult. Sometimes some comunity libraries are used as a way to showcase the work that the quality of the libraries offers.

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Hi everyone,

@erkosone I think it’s a great idea to bring the Processing community together through a game jam or contest. I’d love to support you in making this happen.

Here are some suggestions for making the event a success:

  • Pick a creative and exciting theme for the game jam/contest that everyone can get behind.
  • Set a realistic timeline to make sure everyone has enough time to work on their projects.
  • Create an announcement post to get some attention for the event in advance.
  • Create a dedicated topic on the forum where people can post their work in progress and get feedback from the community.
  • Create a dedicated topic for final submissions and voting. Votes can be done with the like button.

These are just some ideas that came to mind. Feel free to take anything that is useful and ignore the rest. :slight_smile:

And of course, I’m here to help! I can pin the announcement post on the forum so it’s easy for everyone to see, and spread the word on the Processing Foundation’s social media channels to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the event.

If there is anything else I can do to support the community with this, please let me know.

Best regards,
Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead


Thanks for the clear guidelines and support.

My suggestion for a timeline would be more around 1week to 1 month. Just saw recently this headline about the gaming industry, which is complaining about crunch time and at the same time promotes contests, where you code 24-48 h with little sleep. It should not be about time pressure.

Second wish from my side would be to choose a topic, which allows for simple and complex approaches, so that a broad range of people can join.


Gracias por las pautas para organizar el evento, todas parecen buenas :slight_smile:
Sobre el tema de la jam, Que os parece mejor idea? limitar el evento al uso de P5.js? o a processing en general en cualquiera de sus variantes?