Forum: allow posting images for new users?

Some forum users say that they cannot post images.

It’s a shame I can’t post these nice animated gifs I made to showcase the games in this GALLERY Game Jam entries

Assuming this is an actual current limitation (and not just confusion over the “up(load)” arrow icon on the toolbar isn’t an image icon):

I am not sure how new user permissions work, but in my opinion we probably want to allow image posting for new users even if it then goes directly to moderation. Sharing your work is a major use case for image upload, and some people create new accounts just to do that.

An alternative is oneboxing an external image, I suppose…

OneBoxing works. From my perspective I’m just pasting a link here:

Here is more info on the user trust levels:

Forum admins can change all of these settings.

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I got a basic badge after accessing about 7 posts. The badge was given to me bc I took the time to see what the forum was about. With this batch, I can upload pictures, modify wiki, flag, etc.

Maybe it is a good idea to encourage new users to explore the forum to see if they can find the answer by themselves, although this feature would not be novice-user friendly. Maybe this instruction should be added in the yellow information box parallel to the posting box, which is shown to new users. Are those welcome messages and instructions editable? Can you add more information to them, like providing a link for forum guidelines? Right now the box shows some info and a link to this:
but we need a link that looks more like this:

****EDIT: Also this is very helpful: