Forced to donate, still won't let me download

I am trying to download v.2.2.1 and the site wont let me until I donate. Well I donated… and it took me to a page that said thanks, with no links for the download… so I was forced to navigate off the page and lo and behold, it asks for the same donation as though nothing happened. I must be missing something because this is unacceptable.

I’m very sorry to hear this. Processing is open source and free, which does not require donation. Although every donation is appreciated, you should contact the foundation to ask for help (not sure they can actually refund, though):

Meanwhile you can find the specific version for your os from this page

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Eep maybe the download button should be more visible this has happened before.

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Thank you. I was able to find the download and install it. I’m happy to donate, I know how difficult developing and maintaining software is. I was just frustrated with having donated and not seeing the download available on the page I was rerouted to, or maybe starting automatically after submitting the payment form.

Its working for me now, that’s all that matters!

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It’s possible the link was there and I missed it due to using a dark mode chrome extension… but almost all other links and buttons on the site appear and work fine.