Is down?

Hello dears,
today I’m trying to connect to Chrome says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


Same for me no connection

I also cannot connect.

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Current screen grab at time of this post:




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Is there some other online link where the processing reference and documentation can be viewed or is the only source the one provided at the address?

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Processing’s IDE (PDE) has an offline reference. Click at Help → Reference.

It seems like GitHub-based sites are offline right now.


It’s back finally! :partying_face:

At least one thing changed:

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It’s back, but there’s no option to install Python mode - it’s missing from the list. Anyone know what’s up with this or a workaround? I’m a teacher and was supposed to start a Python with Processing unit today but none of my students can get it installed :frowning:

Are you talking about a current (today) download of 4.3? If that is the case then perhaps download an older version, eg 4.2 or 3.5.4.

Yes, 4.3 downloaded today. I also have 4.3 and Python is there, but I installed it last week. My students with a fresh install today don’t have Python in the modes list.

I’m trying to find an old version of Processing to test it, but I’m having trouble finding an install link (all I’m seeing is bug updates).

Try this link: