Problems downloading Processing?

Hello everybody,

I have tried a few times today (through Chrome) to download the Win64 Processing software from

No luck so far though - the download is incredibly slow (showing as either needing several hours or several days), and eventually fails either with a “Failed - Forbidden” or “Failed - Network error” message.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Is there an alternative download link that I could use? I have reliable and fast (50Mb) broadband and it looks like the zip is only 127MB so I don’t understand why this might be happening.

Thanks for your help,


I cannot reproduce the issue and I was able to download the Win x64 version in about 10 secs.

I strongly suggest you get your Processing version from this site instead of using some unknown source.

This seems to be a network issue. If you can, try using another ISP provider (maybe you can go to a neighbor or another site with wifi access?). I would suspect this is a temporal issue. Finally, you can contact your ISP directly and create a ticket with them so they investigate.


@kfrajer, thanks for checking and confirming that this really should be a fast download. I’ll restart my router maybe that will solve it. :crossed_fingers:

Just in case anybody else runs into this issue: it looks like me being located in Germany is currently a problem with all downloads from “https://github-production-release-asset- …” (not just with Processing). Large downloads from other servers are OK. So, I relocated to the US via VPN -> and although github downloads are still slow, they are successful and faster than before.